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Bespoke Fencing in Lancaster by Arcadia...

Fencing is a relatively cheap way of sectioning off your own piece of the world compared with walling, and far less maintenance than hedges.

There's so many options and designs available, and there's a fit out there for every space.

We love building a contemporary wood baton fence with 3 different size batons to create a truly unique look and is far more environmentally sustainable than traditional concrete posts and gravel boards, and so much lighter to construct.

All of our fences are built to the highest standards, using local suppliers who only buy ethically sourced, sustainable wood. The posts will be dug into the ground at least 2ft and have a strong concrete mix around all 4 sides. Any wood is pressure treated with Tanalith E.

Whether you choose wood, concrete, metal, composite or a mixture of all for your landscape design, you can be confident it will be constructed to withstand the elements and face the test of time.

Check out the Fencing gallery for some great ideas for your landscaping project.

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